Wednesday, August 6, 2008

...and so it goes.

Time that is.... It's August. Not that I have any beef with August but it means soon, I have to hand my kids over and gone are the days with all of them home. I know, I know I will get used to it and before I know it we all will be back in they rhythm, see that's just the problem. The rhythm is gonna getcha! (Go Gloria!) I sincerely love having them home to play, adventure and be kids. It's my favorite. They are my favorite (all of them, no favorites, just favorite). 
Ok, enough boo-hooing...I'll save that for Aug 20. School Starts, so sad. 

I also know just how long it has been since I posted new. Mostly because it's like talking to myself. I don't think anyone ever reads this, but I could be wrong. If I am let
 me know! Here we are on July 4th....that's a month ago already! Here in Spreckels, 4th is a town like no other. Banners, flags, parade, park decked out, people fill every nook & cranny to celebrate the old fashion way. Gotta love that. & we always take a family picture on the porch. Gotta love that too. 

Here we are last year...quite a difference I'd say. Oh, I love this picture. It was our first family picture with all of us together..finally a complete family picture. Boston was only 2 1/2 months, oh how I miss that little stage. He is big & overloads of FUN but nothing sweeter than little. 

I am excited to say that Todd is home OH so much more than ever before, every one of us loves it, family means busy, but good. He is also getting to dabble in restaurant. Yes I said the word. It's only every other friday. Now that I can take! And he loves it! That's the best part. 
It's intimate, he plates every dish, it's his style, and a creative outlet that he has missed. ALL GOOD!
So thankful.....

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