Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The End & A Beginning....

.....Summer is over, yep it's true DARN! 
Aren't their faces so sweet! Jeez-O I love them so! 

First day of school + great kids= SUCCESS!
I missed them TERRIBLY, but made it thru thanks in part to Maddie & Boston, still my @ home buddies, and thanks to a friend in the same shoes to BOO-HOO with....
Parker-4th grade
Abbie-2nd grade
Mackenzie- MIDDLE SCHOOL!!! All I can say is it went great, she loved it & wow is there a big (HUGE)difference between a 6th grader and an 8th grader.....WHOA!

Our 5....More fun (and mess) than I able to describe.

Madeline had fun playing dress up all by herself while they were at school. Around 11:45 she promptly declared- "I think I want to go pick them up now!" me too too. 

Then there is Ms. Mackenzie, can you stand it she's so wonderful!
5' 3"+ yikes! (we are leaning in but no slouching happening, she's right there with us!!) Glad we had the summer to relax & play, she's gonna have to work hard this year. 6 classes, and homeroom, and school dances-OH MY!

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  1. You know I read your blog!!! I'm pretty much your biggest fan! Love the pics -- 'course, I was there! Let's scrapbook! ~H