Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fun. Free! Family. BEACH!

who said free ain't fun?
(see previous post for explanation of our day :)

any flotation device = hours of entertainment
no tech device required
(or allowed ;)
they don't surf but they honestly love this "coasting" on a wave anyway...It lasted for hours!
With breaks for eating
We packed eggsalad sandwiches, bagels, creamcheese, go-gurts, grapes, graham crackers, blueberries, animal crackers, juice boxes & water.
they ate it all.
swim shirts are my favorite invention.
no burnt shoulders, yippEE!
a few sand toys
hours of digging fun.
and if your curious
for some reason the act of digging appeals to all ages,
the bigger the hole,
the faster they can dig
competing with the "other team"
even roped in the teenagers attention :)
although she's one in a million
no picture but she was into it!
and if all that's not fun enough,
heard of Build-a-bear?
How bout Bury-a-friend?
then add, dump water on your buried friend :{
he was a good sport & (all around great kid!)
and with water at hand, cleaned off easily!

A'Hoy there!
does it get any cuter?
Oh this kid gets me every time.

Tell me you know this trick???
for getting sand off your body after trudging back to the car BEFORE making a sand deposit IN your car...


dump it all over your sandy feet, legs whatever & it absorbs the wet & makes the sand not abrasive.


any brand of baby powder will do..

a small one (leftover from Mr. B) lives in my swim/beach bag

so that's it. Don't forget to see last nights (previous post)about the day we had.



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