Saturday, July 24, 2010

another summer day away...

Why would we?
How could we?
Leave this gorgeous place that so many flock to EVERY DAY.
Because Mr. Sun has been wasting my summer days with gray.
And I'm a fan of fog.
{Yes, people I wrote that and am in the minority who enjoy chilly weather that makes you feel cozy and want to start a fire}
of course all things within reason.
59 degrees is not July, its rude.

SO away we went only about 40 minutes up and to the right... (aka NE) to find sunshine!

never mind the was the direction my car was facing....
Notice the difference a few miles make. 88-59=29 degrees!!!
hence the need to flee!

So we did a hop
Skip & JUMP
over to Morgan Hill Aquatic Center.
and the good times rolled!
the kids scattered to each of their desired spot.
the best part was we (friend w/ 3 kids)
just had to watch the littles...
There are lifeguards everywhere!
And since they buddied up (no one was solo)
the frantic mom could chill...kinda

Parker got kisses because Mr. B loves him so...
I got grief because the bag of cheetos wasn't endless.
And quite frankly he was having none of my explaination
"you ate them ALL".
Then I got sweet kisses too
SO proud of herself...
If you want to jump off the diving boards you have to pass a swim test.
(smart thinking!)
And the big girls went & did it no problem...
Then little miss, all by herself went to ask if she could do it.
She was beaming! She passed & got the "Im a cool kid too" bracelet.

Creative. Water. Park.

Big girl jump-Wahoo!
Little miss cannonball. Stinkin cute.
all the girls in line for....
HUGE Waterslides!
Look at that beauty!

Oh & did I mention they have funnel cake?!!

"All this can be yours...IF the sky is gray!"

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  1. So much Fun!!! I would re do that day....AGAIN!!! and the funnel cake too.