Monday, April 19, 2010

Having a ball! Birthday Party for our Big 3 year old!

Look who's 3!!
Pals! Ashton-Boston-Delaney
all age 3

my baby boy..."LOOK at Daddy"!

Does the look on their faces just speak to you? I asked them to sit on the step, and the shuffle of who/where/how.... Laney just wanted to sit RIGHT next to B, Ashton moved here & there before settled...then I had them smile & she posed ( of course) they ignored (of course)
But I adore this snapshot...

can I open my present? can I open it now?
Boston kept asking to open it, finally settling for staring at it. W-A-I-T is a toddlers 4-letter word!
Inside- "Lello-copter" with BatMAN!

an easy party needs just 2 things
friends + treat...& momma needed it to be an easy one :)
Here's what we had:
Beverages, snacks {a la Daddy} Cake & Ice Cream
I made Meyer Lemon Cupcakes with Honey Frosting
seriously easy & wow-great combo!
And Ice Cream Sandwiches

Made like this- Costco chocolate chip cookie + Dreyers Vanilla Bean allowed to soften = perfect "homemade"
Ice Cream Sandwiches
{I forgot to get an after picture...}

Here are the favors for his friends siblings (recorders not so exciting to 6-11 year old sisters)
Made them with little necklace & Blow-Pop Lolli & cute tag (cute bouncing ball tag post to come later)
Our party favors & decor- what B loves the most -BALLS- and we have a bunch too- I had wanted to stick them in a large Hurricane Jar or something but buckets worked. Bouncy balls, tennis balls, wiffle balls, anything- I just looked for color :)
Then for favors, I found these cute recorders in perfect yellow, made a tag with names of his pals added ribbon- voile' -
Fabric penants or banner I made the day before....OH so easy & I love the ol' school party look, plus it's festive & not personalized so I can reuse it!!
Just pic colors & not too match match fabrics & basting tape {byw I can not sew, so this is for everyone}
Birthday Banner- "Having a ball!"

Fun & perfectly 3 Year Old Birthday
thanks for checking out our little celebration...I always get inspired by other peoples parties, creations, creativity & am happy to share any questions anyone has {like fonts, purchases etc}
Sharing is what makes the world go 'round!


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