Sunday, January 13, 2008

City Boys Marries Country Girl...

Todd finally sees Yosemite! We ventured out from the Foothills, better known as Circle W Ranch, along with our great friends the Eastman's to see Yosemite on a day trip. To see it blanketed with fresh snow was breathtaking. Todd had only seen a quick glimpse of Yosemite-EVER- on a drive thru once as a kid. It has been a long while for me although I spent lots of time as a kid. We drove down into the village, played in the snow, had a snack & roasted smores by the fire, snapped a few pictures and drove back to the Ranch. The best part of the day for me was FINALLY experiencing Yosemite with Todd. Next time we'll stay for awhile, but we need to save up, he wants nothing to do with what they call "cabins". Bit too rustic for my City Boy.

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