Monday, November 3, 2008

Not a tidy one among em...

Sad to say, I think I've gotta fire the housekeeper. She stinks!
And what's worse, she's all we've got. Clearly it's a job most aren't cut out for, for not a one of the folks for which she works seems to have the DNA of Martha (aka TIDY101). The dishes are piled, the laundry close to done today but bitterly behind for tomorrow, the attendance at the grocery store remains incontestably ridiculous and our vacuum cleaner knows it is depend on it like your favorite jeans. This is the quality of life in a family of 7, it's messy.

At this moment, the chummy ones are gathered around a fire munching on dinner, elated to have dessert (love that fruit counts as dessert) and discussing the day. Who saw who at recess, when is your next game, why isn't there a playground at middle school (oh my dear, there is. Its just not fun to play there-the playground is shaky ground....). To say the least the quality of live is immeasurable.

So many will tell me how much they miss it. Hard to imagine, in a day when going to the bathroom is interupted and sometime challenged for hours. But I can see the point. It doesn't seems to slow a bit, and too many times the daily invades the moments. So today and hopefully more, but today I will choose to see the moments. Choose to listen to the chatter and actually listen, its precious when they sound like best friends catching up from their day. I'll rejoice that I made a mess in the kitchen because I made their dinner (and dessert :) sent them to bed cozy from the fire, loved and well fed. Today was messy, tomorrow messier and currently "looking for a housekeeper".

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